Will HD Environment Redux work with FSX?

ANSWER: At thiis time the product is only available for FS2004, however an FSX version is in the works,

QUESTION: If I don't like HD Environment Redux... so how do I uninstall it?

ANSWER: Simply run the installer and choose the "Restore Default FS2004 Settings" Option. This will restore the FS2004 dafault textures and settings.

QUESTION: Will HD Environment Redux work with add-on ground textures?

ANSWER: Yes, it works with all the major ground replacement texture sets that we have tested. Since HD Environment Redux does not replace the ground textures you should have no problems.

QUESTION: Will HD Environment Redux wotk with other water and sky replacement products?

ANSWER: No, because HD Environment Redux replaces many water, sky and cloud textures (as well as adds many other textures enhancement features) it should not be used with other products of its type.

QUESTION: Is HD Environment Redux and FS-eXcel the same products?

ANSWER: No. HD Environment Redux purchased all the rights and textures from the developers of FS-eXcel during the product buyout. Therefore, the base textures are the same; however the developer of HDE Redux (SceneryPRO Software) modified, enhanced and/or otherwise replaced many aspects of those base features. So, the full answer is that although HDE Redux started out using the basics of FS-eXcel the products should be considered totally different and seperate.

QUESTION: My question was not answered in this section. How can I get further support on this product?

ANSWER: If after reading all the documents that were provided with the product and this FAQ section and you still need technical support you can submit a support ticket below:

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