Enjoy The Most Realistic Flight Experience with HD Environment Redux for Microsoft® Flight Simulator® 2004

HD Environment Redux greatly enhances the overall visual appearance of Microsoft® Flight Simulator® 2004 by replacing the default environmental, autogen, airport and runway textures with ultra-sharp, ultra-realistic HD quality textures that drastically improve visual realism with no adverse frame-rate effects whatsoever. HD Environment Redux uses high definition textures and virtually lossless image compression to deliver an unprecedented balance of quality and performance that is sure to please any flight simmer!


HD Ultra-Realistic Sky Colors
HD Ultra-Realistic 3D Cloud Textures
HD Ultra-Realistic Fog and Haze Effects
HD Ultra-Realistic Runway & Taxiway Textures
HD Ultra-Realistic Runway Lighting Effects
HD Ultra-Realistic Autogen Tree Textures
HD Ultra-Realistic Aircraft Paint & Chrome Reflections
HD Ultra-Realistic Water Colors for Oceans, Lakes & Rivers
HD Ultra-Realistic Night Water with Moonlight Reflections
HD Ultra-Realistic Wave Action Effects

HD Environment Redux is very easy to install. Simply run the setup application, answer a few questions and that's it! You are ready to fly in your new HD Environment in just a few short minutes! And best of all, HD Environment Redux is compatible with most ground texture replacement products such as Ground Environment, Ground Environment Pro, Birds Eye View and others. It also works flawlessly with Ultimate Terrain as well as most other add-on ground scenery.

Minimum System Requirements:
Microsoft® Windows XP, Vista or Windows7 (with latest service packs installed.)
2.0 Ghz PC with 512 Mb RAM and a 256 Mb AGP or PCI Express Video Card, or
   PC capable or running FSX/FS2004 as per Microsoft ®requirements.
Microsoft® Flight Simulator 2004 Installed. (with latest service packs installed)


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